Sunday, April 18, 2010

Here we go again!!

Yes! I'm finally going to post again! I have had some serious computer issues, but I'm back. I'm still hoping to recover 10-15 years of pictures off my old computer, but at least I can now start downloading the pics I've been taking since Christmas day. Oh yeah...I had to get a new camera, also, because Elijah broke mine last one last summer.

So...your are probably wondering why I've got a picture from Wizard of Oz posted. Well, that is, unless you know me really well. Of course, I am embarking on a new costuming journey! I'm the costume director for Wizard of Oz, that will be running the last weekend in June at the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center. I'm both excited and overwhelmed. 60 munchkins, for heavens sake! The rest of the cast is reasonably sized, so well will have to see how it goes! As I take pictures, I'll post them. And btw, anyone local who knows how to sew, and likes to do volunteer service would be welcome to contact me to help. I will need quite a bit of help on this one.